Bringing to Light the Beauty in Everyone


Bringing to Light The Beauty in Everyone


The Gothic Studio

The Gothic Boudoir Studio in Norfolk VA

Embrace the Dramatic

The Gothic Studio was opened in July 2020 to showcase the dramatic and theatrical side of boudoir portraiture, The studio lighting is lit with over 400 candles, allowing the candle light to reflect onto the client's skin to give the photographs a cinematic atmosphere. Sarah McDaniel was heavily inspired from the Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles" series when she was planning the Gothic Studio. Each set in this studio is heavily designed to bring out a darker romantic feel, showcasing the beauty in drama. The Gothic Studio is the perfect studio for someone that is wanting a darker session with a Drama. This is our most popular studio of the last four years, and seems to always be a crowd favorite!

The Best of Both Worlds

The Gothic Studio allows you to have a large variety of images and themes to choose from. This studio is home to spicier sets, such as the Sex Swing, St. Andrews Cross, and the Cage. Each Client gets the choice to focus more on the Romantic and/or Spicy Sets. So, if you want some of both, this is the perfect studio for you. The Studio is famous for the beautiful arching photos in-front of the mirror, and the romantic blue couch by the candles.

Choosing this Studio will give you literally the best of both worlds. 99% of our clients love to choose this studio because they want to step out of their comfort zone, and get their toes wet. So, even if you just want to adventure a little towards the Sex Swig, and focus on more romantic side that's okay! The Gothic Studio has plenty of options to design your perfect boudoir experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am plus sized, and I am extremely nervous about how I will look in images. I have never tried on Lingerie before, and I am really nervous about what looks good on me. Do you provide lingerie? Will you help me?

A: Absolutely! We have a client closet with over 500 pieces of Lingerie in it! We actually walk you through your Desired Style and Size of Lingerie the Day of Your Session. So regardless if you want something Romantic or Spicy, we are here for you! We even have new lingerie that comes in monthly to up our Diversity! We sit down with you and customize your Clients Closet, and do a Fitting Session with you! Our team helps you pick out accessories, harnesses, lace, and even robes to wear during your session! 90% of our clients are XL-4XL, and our clients closet goes up to 7XL. So, just know you are in the best hands. We got you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I do not want my images or my session to be shared online. Is there an option to have my session completely anonymous?

A: Yes! We respect everyone's boundaries and wishes. If you wish to keep your Session and Photos for yourself that is okay! We take privacy very seriously here, so we understand!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you offer Payment Plans for your Packages & Products?

A: Yes we do! We understand our studio is a luxury experience, so we offer four different payment plan options for our Packages & Products! We offer Paypal Credit & Affirm for our Financing Options, and you can apply for those before your session! We also offer a Layaway Option for clients as well! We just ask for a minimum of $1000 down the day of your session, and two cards saved on file! Our layaway options are 4-5 months, and once you pay everything off you receive your products 4-6 weeks afterwards! You also have the option to pay a Prepayment Plan before your session and have everything paid off before you come in too! We also accept Credit Cards and Cash as well!

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The Gothic Studio's Couples Experience

Doing a Couples Boudoir in the Gothic Studio is a completely unique experience. The Gothic Studio is different from any other studio because it allows for the couples to showcase the more dramatic and darker side of boudoir.. Each couple gets a mixture of Romantic and Steamy options each designed around their desired vision. Each client gets one on one boudoir posing and styling. We also go over boundaries and each pose with you to see what you are comfortable with. So do not stress, we are here for you! Want to get a little more steamy than normal? The Gothic Studio is perfect for a more Erotic Style session.

What is Erotic Boudoir? Well at Sarah McDaniel Studio we allow for the clients to feel absolutely comfortable in their nude and raw form. This is a new edition we are doing for 2022, and it is focusing on the intimate journey with couples. Being able to fall back in love with every inch of you, and your partners body. This would be steamier than more boudoir sessions, and allow for clients to experience themselves in a new light. Want to learn more? Just ask! We will walk you through the whole process during your phone consultation.

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I went to Sarah for my maternity boudoir session and had never felt more beautiful and confident in my life!!! She’s amazing at what she does and I felt extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. 100000/10!

Ms. C

10000% recommend. If you are on the fence about booking a session. Do it!! Not only are they extremely talented but everything from the studios, props, wardrobe, makeup/hair and posing direction is amazing. They make you feel extremely beautiful and sexy. And your final results will have you wanting to come back. I know I will be!!

Ms. D

I have nothing but good things to say about Sarah McDaniel studio. I felt welcomed by both Sarah. And Chelsea. My hair and makeup were done very professionally and exactly how I wanted. Sarah makes you feel comfortable and welcome through the whole process. The photos were a gift for my husband and they were great quality photos and prints. She was upfront with me about payment and prices before I even booked. I would love to work with them again and definitely recommend to friends.

Ms. C

I recently had my session with Sarah and she is by far the most respectful and professional photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of having! Chelsea does absolutely stunning makeup and hair and I’ve never felt more beautiful! I was so nervous when I came in but that completely melted away when Sarah helped pose me literally head to toe and the whole team just makes it feel like you’re hanging out with your best friends!! I seriously cannot wait for my products to arrive because the ordering session was so much fun and the quality is astounding! Anyone who has ever thought about doing this should!! It’s such a liberating experience!!

Ms. J

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