Bringing to Light the Beauty in Everyone


Bringing to Light The Beauty in Everyone


Your Dream Boudoir Experience Is Here.

Hampton Roads Maternity & Boudoir Photographer

available in Hampton Roads, VA & Beyond

Why Boudoir?

Doing a Boudoir Session can change your life and how you see yourself.

At Sarah McDaniel Studio, we are dedicated to showcasing the beauty in everyone. We design each session around your desires, wishes, and vision.

Our Boudoir Studio is home to three of the most extravagant Boudoir Studios on the East Coast. We designed different visions and themes to allow your vision to come to life. When you arrive, you will be given a private tour of each of our studios for you to choose for your experience. After the tour, you look through our VIP Clients Closet with over 900 outfits, and you receive a one-on-one Fitting Session for your Lingerie and Accessories. We design your overall look with you so you feel terrific in each outfit you choose. Our Hair & Makeup team transforms you into your desired look, and then you receive one-on-one posing with our team for your Photos. Our team is dedicated to helping you throughout your self-love journey. Once you see yourself in these photos, your outlook on how you see yourself will forever change.

A Boudoir Experience with us is one of the best ways to showcase your first step toward falling back in love with yourself. Are you ready?

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Our Norfolk & Gloucester Studios!

Let's Walk You Through Everything.

The day of your session is an all-day experience, and your experience starts with a Studio Tour of each of our studios!

You get to see each of our Studios on the day of your session, so you can choose which one you want! Each Studio is designed with a different theme and allows for whatever style you want to come to life. Want to learn more about them? Just follow their links to the pages!

We have Two Locations! One is in Norfolk, Virginia, while the other is in Gloucester, Virginia! Our Norfolk Location is home to our Gothic & Greenhouse Studio! And our Gloucester Studio is home to our Parlour Studio!

The Gothic Studio

Norfolk Virginia

The Parlour

Gloucester Virginia

The Greenhouse

Norfolk Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I am plus sized, and I am extremely nervous about how I will look in images. I have never tried on Lingerie before, and I am really nervous about what looks good on me. Do you provide lingerie? Will you help me?

A: Absolutely! We have a client closet with over 500 pieces of Lingerie in it! We actually walk you through your Desired Style and Size of Lingerie the Day of Your Session. So regardless if you want something Romantic or Spicy, we are here for you! We even have new lingerie that comes in monthly to up our Diversity! We sit down with you and customize your Clients Closet, and do a Fitting Session with you! Our team helps you pick out accessories, harnesses, lace, and even robes to wear during your session! 90% of our clients are XL-4XL, and our clients closet goes up to 7XL. So, just know you are in the best hands. We got you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I do not want my images or my session to be shared online. Is there an option to have my session completely anonymous?

A: Yes! We respect everyone's boundaries and wishes. If you wish to keep your Session and Photos for yourself that is okay! We take privacy very seriously here, so we understand!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you offer Payment Plans for your Packages & Products?

A: Yes we do! We understand our studio is a luxury experience, so we offer four different payment plan options for our Packages & Products! We offer Paypal Credit & Affirm for our Financing Options, and you can apply for those before your session! We also offer a Layaway Option for clients as well! We just ask for a minimum of $1000 down the day of your session, and two cards saved on file! Our layaway options are 4-5 months, and once you pay everything off you receive your products 4-6 weeks afterwards! You also have the option to pay a Prepayment Plan before your session and have everything paid off before you come in too! We also accept Credit Cards and Cash as well!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Spicy can my Couples Boudoir get? Can we do more Romantic Photos as well?

A: For Couples Boudoir, it can get as spicy or romantic as you want. We just have a rule that "nothing goes into any holes." So, no. We do not shoot actual porn, we can document the more erotic style of Boudoir, but for now the steamy we can get is implied sexual actions. But, we can totally make it look as steamy as you want. Just ask during your Phone Consultation! We do not judge!

If you are wanting more Romantic or Erotic that is okay! We have several phone consultations before your big day! We walk you through everything and discuss your vision so we can prepare your experience!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you provide Non Binary Lingerie/Sessions or Male Lingerie/Sessions?

A: YES! One thing we love about our Clients Closet is how we can customize any lingerie option for you! Wanting more of a feminine look, or something more dominatrix? We can do that for you! We have a growing Male Boudoir Clients Closet for Solo Boudoir and Couples Boudoir! And if you are looking for something special, just ask! We probably have it, or it is already in our shopping cart! We love being creative with Lingerie, Makeup, Hair, and even poses. So do not be afraid to ask, we got you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you do more advance editing? I am looking to remove a few tattoos and a few other things?

A: Yes, we can do more advance editing for your desired look and feel! Typically for our editing we do Magazine Style Editing, which includes a soft skin editing, removing of any blemishes or bruising, and anything that is temporary on the body. We believe in showcasing the beauty in everyone, and our editing does reflect that. So when you see yourself on the camera during session, and also on the TV screen during the Ordering Session, you will know that is you. The truly beautiful and strong you! But we can always discuss more about what you are looking for!

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